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When was the last time you awoke in the morning pain-free?

When you woke up this morning, were you happy to be alive and ready to conquer your day?

Are you sitting here reading this and feeling pain in your head, back, neck, feet, or shoulders?

Are you tired of popping pain relievers that barely take the edge off and make you fuzzy-headed - or worse - lead to addiction?

We understand, and we want to help. It’s why were are here!

At Active Life Medical Center we understand that when you’ve been injured and are in consistent pain, the world never seems quite as bright.

When you’re unwell, you’re held back from living your most vibrant life because of the pain and discomfort you feel.

When you’re battling an aching back, migraines, foot pain, candida infection, or other frustrating health issues - your quality of life is stolen from you.

There is Hope Through Chiropractic

And though you may sometimes feel hopeless, there IS hope.

I’m Dr. Cynthia Schade (graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1985), and my staff and I have a life-long passion for healing and correcting imbalances in the body and mind. For over 30 years we’ve specialized in helping people just like you:

  • find fast, lasting freedom from your pain
  • avoid dangerous unnecessary surgeries or prolonged drug use
  • fight the dreaded ageing process to stay vital
  • recoup from unexpected injuries such as car accidents and sports pain.

All through gentle, effective chiropractic care and integrated healing methods.

Healing methods that treat your body with respect and honor your highest-quality of life.

Holistic Natural Healing for Body and Mind

As a complete “Chiropractic and Holistic-Natural Healing Clinic”, we take a powerful three-pronged approach that few others do. This means that when you come in, we assess and address any and all issues that are causing your pain - musculoskeletal, chemical/nutrition, and emotional - and provide non-invasive treatments customized just for your own unique situation.

Forget Stop & Pop Chiropractic “Mills”

And unlike those “Stop and Pop” express chiropractic places that just rush you in, pop your back, and send you on your merry way without any x-rays, medical history, or really even knowing (or caring) what’s wrong with you, my team and I leave no stone unturned. We uncover exactly what the source of your pain is through x-rays and various safe, reliable, and proven examination methods.

Our Results Speak for Themselves....

Our patients have experienced some pretty phenomenal results over the years, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Such as Kimberly A. from Cedar Creek - she says, “After suffering with chronic pain for 23 years, I walked out of Dr. Schade's office after two treatment sessions pain-free and have remained so ever since!”

Kirk L. says, “When I arrived at the facility, I was in so much pain (from an auto accident) that I doubted the treatment. I have been proven wrong; the staff at Active Life have made my treatment one of my most rewarding experiences. I have learned about my body’s mechanics, the importance of wellness, stress management and proactive approach to injury management.”

Sunee from Austin says, “I'm pretty sure Dr. Schade has healing powers. I came in this week with a bulging disc and had basically no range of motion and a lot of pain. She, along with the physical therapist, got me on the road to recovery right away. Within a few days, the recommendations they gave me had me feeling so much better. Each treatment is at active life is individualized, something I didn't experience elsewhere, and I like that they value physical therapy, massage, and yoga to compliment the chiropractic experience.”

We love what we do and we believe it shows by the results we’re able to achieve with our patients!

Ready to Remember What Feeling Great is Like?

If you’ve forgotten what it feels like to live a life of joy and well-being - one free from pain - then drop us a line. At Austin’s Active Life Medical Clinic, our patients are our family, and we do everything in our power to restore your vitality, free you from pain, and help you achieve all of your health goals today and in the years to come! Healing and relief is simply an email or phone call away, and we even offer same-day and weekend appointments for emergencies.

And if you’re not quite ready and still have some questions, click here to view our FAQ with the answers to our top 10 most-asked questions!

Then when you’re ready, simply text, call, or email us to schedule your free consultation (there’s no commitment or pressure), so we can help you feel more like your healthy vibrant self again.

Don’t let pain diminish your quality of life. Reach out for relief today!

Recent car accident? Back, neck, knee, muscle, or joint pain? Contact us for your FREE consultation!

Recent car accident? Back, neck, knee, muscle, or joint pain? Contact us for your FREE consultation!


Let our health-obsessed team help you completely eliminate pain and injury, for good! We believe in completely personalized plans taken from various modalities that fit your condition and circumstances. Don't settle for cookie-cutter medical and chiropractic care. Let the Active Life team help you reach your health goals and restore vitality to your life, today!

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Recent car accident? Back, neck, knee, muscle, or joint pain? Contact us for your FREE consultation!